My MediaLocate

My Medialocate - The 24-Hour Control Center for All Your Translation Projects

Easy to access. Easy to monitor.

My MediaLocate makes it easy to update every translation or localization project we create for you and your organization.  24 hours a day, every day.

“My MediaLocate – Client Control Center for Translation Projects”

My MediaLocate Features and Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive cost-savings and translation memory leveraging by project, language, and content
  • Easier online project submittal, approval, and initiation with either hierarchical, regional or divisional stakeholder authority
  • Detailed project and progress status, including client or third-party review, by language and component

My MediaLocate localization control center is furnished to all clients at no additional cost.

This proprietary online portal provides an automated project life-cycle solution to manage all of your projects in real-time.

My MediaLocate has been developed over the past 15 years into an easy-to-use, virtual repository of all client project components.

My MediaLocate enhances your project control by maximizing your savings both in terms of money and time.

Being able to monitor our progress allows you greater control from project inception to completion.

What better way for us to demonstrate our respect for you as our client? We believe you’ll be delighted with My MediaLocate.

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