Has the latest California workers re-classification ruling impacted your business?

In partnership with the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL), the Association of Language Companies (ALC) will host its first ALC Leaders Forum on August 8, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

The forum will convene leaders in the language industry in Washington, D.C., who will:

  • Learn about federal policy and regulatory issues facing the industry and what is being done to address them.
  • Meet with members of Congress and Executive Branch agencies with jurisdiction over relevant issues.
  • Network with fellow industry leaders to strategize solutions to shared concerns.

Click on the video below and hear why our CEO thinks you should be attending too!



The Issues

Employee Classification. The language industry has always relied on a workforce comprising a mix of independent contractors and regular employees, depending on the nature of the work and the language in question, among other factors. May’s Dynamex decision in the California Supreme Court fundamentally changes this for roughly a sixth of the nation’s economy. The Washington Leaders Forum will not only raise awareness of this issue and its impact on the language industry with policymakers, but it will also serve as a strategizing forum for the industry with a focus on collectively and collaboratively brainstorming solutions to this rapidly developing issue.

Government Contracting. The Lowest Price Technically Available (LPTA) model is often used to review bids for language services—a model originally designed for commodities rather than professional services. The results of this bidding model are a lower quality of language services for the consumer and lower rates for the industry’s workforce. Instead, language services should be considered as a professional service, and the Tradeoff model, also known as the Best Value model, should be used instead of the LPTA model. The Washington Leaders Forum will showcase this issue for policymakers from the perspective of the language industry and help promote legislation that has been introduced in Congress that deals with this issue—H.R. 3019, the Promoting Best Value Procurement Act.


For more detailed information on the recent Workers’ Re-classification ruling, please see the JNCL-NCLIS post entitled:

“Are Translators/Interpreters Just Another Cog in the Gig-Economy?”


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