Medialocate is a different kind of localization company and a great place to work because our operations are centered on smart growth.

Our goal is not to expand as fast as possible, but rather to focus on consistently delivering high-quality translations coupled with outstanding customer service. We are passionate about what we do, and this is reflected in our high employee retention record and excellent client satisfaction levels. We have assembled some of the finest talent in the business, but are always receptive to new qualified linguists, project managers, typesetters, and engineers to share and grow our success!

In-House Positions:

Human Resources
Attn: Ilge Karancak

Freelance Positions:

Vendor Management
Attn: Leona Zacek

Current Positions Available:

Account Manager
Project Manager
Localization Engineer
Multimedia Specialist

Manager, Strategic Business Development
Position: Full time Employee

Responsible for the establishment of both annual and monthly sales objectives and quotas in coordination with the Company business plan. Responsible for providing an annual sales plan and providing quarterly updates, revisions and modifications to the plan, and coordinating the specific objectives with all of the functional departments of the company. In coordination with the CEO, establishes both the market and target customer strategies for the company through analytical research and study of industry trends. Responsible for management and growth of a team of Senior Account Managers and Internal Sales Support staff providing direction, training and leadership. Responsible for building and growing custom programs through client consulting in the areas of language technology and translation automation. Responsible for ascertaining and understanding complex client requirements in areas of content management systems (cms), software internationalization and localization (i18n,I10n), translation management systems (tms) as well as multimedia applications in order to make knowledgeable program recommendations and to develop suitable localization strategies.The position requires a bachelors degree or alternative work experience + 4 years experience.

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