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MediaLocate Received the ISO 18587:2017 Certification for MT Post-Editing!

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MediaLocate received the ISO 18587:2017 certification for MT Post-Editing

We proudly announce that MediaLocate received the ISO 18587:2017 certification for MT Post-Editing! The auditing body was Austrian Standards Plus GmbH in Vienna. MT Post-Editing certification goes on top of several other ISO certifications earned by MediaLocate.

We want to let our clients know that we have been audited and certified regarding our processes and approaches in relation to Machine Translation (MT) Post-Editing, which is becoming more widely accepted. Although machine translation is a powerful tool, it should not be used as a universal solution for every problem. Instead, we should apply MT strategically only for specific document types and purposes in selected languages. Our ISO 18587:2017 certification demonstrates that at MediaLocate, we have a clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of machine translation (MT). We possess the essential knowledge and field expertise to help our clients make informed decisions about when to opt for MT over a human translator.

This achievement demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality linguistic services that meet the expectations of our clients and the industry. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent post-editing solutions that enhance the value and efficiency of machine translation.

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