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Audio Localization
Audio localization services that adapt scripts to the format, length, and language of any project, including films and documentaries.
  • Video dubbing. Video voiceovers, promo clips, product announcements, and more developed in our media studio.
  • Advertisements for web and radio. Anything from one-off web ads to full radio campaigns for reaching international markets.
  • Audio for applications. Navigation services, on-screen prompts, and security checks⁠ with quick turnaround in 60+ languages.
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Video Translation
Video translation services for dubbing, syncing, and hosting your videos in 60+ languages.
  • Multimedia games. Full language translation of text, audio, and video to ensure that your games are a hit worldwide.
  • Rich media product and tech support is more engaging than text-based support. It also drives call deflection and reduces cost.
  • Movies and documentaries. Our proximity to Hollywood gives you easy access to voiceover actors and film industry experts.
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Transcription & Subtitles
Video transcription tools and specialists for handling media-to-text updates, conversion, and publications for any size of media project.
  • Legal and business records. Translation transcription of meeting minutes, depositions, presentations, and onsite discussions.
  • International-language content. Written translations of songs, movies, closed captioning, phone calls, and recordings in their full cultural context.
  • Interview transcriptions. While you focus on the discussion during interviews, newscasts, and Q&As, we record, and subtitle everything said.
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Content Creation
We work closely with your creative team to provide global translation services for your design and content.
  • Promotional videos. Engaging content that leads to higher conversion rates and turns viewers into customers.
  • Rich media presentations. Multicolor, animated, self-running magnum opus presentations and web-based overviews of apps.
  • Help clips. Short or long audio-visual help content, ‘point-and-click’ tutorials, and quick instructional demos that shine.
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