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    MEDIALOCATE provides translation and localization services in over 150 languages and markets across the world. We are a global leader with more than 35 years experience supporting Fortune 5,000 companies in the technology, legal, medical, education, and defense sectors.

    Our language services encompass:

    • Websites
    • Software and apps
    • Marketing collateral
    • eLearning and training manuals
    • Medical content and instructions
    • Rich media videos & presentations
    • Technical documents & data sheets

    Our estimates include details about:

    • Cost breakdowns by line item
    • Delivery and timetable options
    • Project scope, risks, and best approach
    • Additional files or items that may be needed
    • Proposed step-by-step actions for follow-up

    For immediate budget estimates, or to send files and discuss requirements:

    • Call 831-655-7500