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MediaLocate Ranks 5th Globally in Web Localization and Lands Among the Top 20 LSPs in the Technology Space

By November 17, 2023 February 12th, 2024 No Comments
According to CSA Research, MediaLocate ranks 5th globally in web localization and is among the top 20 LSPs in the Technology Space.

We’re thrilled to announce that according to CSA Research MediaLocate ranks 5th globally in web localization and the 18th top Language Service Provider (LSP) for technology companies in 2023. Additionally, we secured the 5th spot for Website Globalization. This follows our recent inclusion among the overall Top 20 LSPs in North America and the Top 100 worldwide.

Key Highlights of Our Achievement

  • Significance of Ranking: Our 5th and 18th-place rankings underscore our dedication to quality service in website globalization and the technology sector. Both require tech-savvy and customized tools and processes.
  • Outperforming Larger Competitors: This achievement is particularly noteworthy as it positions us ahead of larger competitors, emphasizing our team’s expertise and tailored approach.

The Path to Excellence

  • Focus on Quality and Innovation: Commitment to Clients: Our success stems from an unwavering commitment to quality, flexibility, and innovation. In the tech sector, we recognize the importance of flexible technology solutions (as opposed to captive platforms)  alongside language competency.
  • Understanding Tech Sector Needs: Acknowledging the unique challenges in technology, our approach is finely tuned to meet each client’s specific requirements, including precision, speed, and cultural appropriateness. No one-size-fits-all constrained platforms.

Commitment to Clients

  • Partnership Approach: We’ve earned our client’s trust by being more than a service provider; we’re partners in their global journey, anticipating and understanding their needs. We’re committed to maintaining high standards and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Continual Innovation: Constant investment in technology and upskilling our team ensures our services remain relevant and pioneering. AI has leveled the technology playing field, opening new ways of producing large volumes of high-quality global content at lower cost.


As we celebrate this recognition, we eagerly anticipate maintaining our high standards and innovating in localization services. This accolade is a testament to our team’s hard work and client trust, and we’re excited about building on this success in the future.

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