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Managed Services
To be effective, your globalization process needs to be structured, robust, and scalable. Our strategic consultation services help your organization examine and strengthen all three of these areas.
Terminology management

Ensuring a convincing, correct, and consistent global voice, from start to finish.

Localization tools development

Empowering your team to work smart with state-of-the-art custom tools and technologies.

Translation review management

Building the perfect balance between feedback and efficiency and managing all of the steps in between.

Localization quality assurance (LQA) management

Reducing errors in your global product by handling the testing, reporting, prioritizing, and linguistic fixes.

Internationalization (I18n) consulting and engineering

Setting you on the right path with localization readiness consulting, training, and hands-on engineering.

Localization Staffing

Growing your team and capabilities, from tiny to huge, without the hassle.