We speak your language.

Accurately interpreting legal, medical, or technical terminology requires firm domain expertise and a solid command of its usage in multiple countries and cultures. MEDIALOCATE provides in-person, over- the-phone, and video-remote interpretation services globally in over 170 languages. For over 30 years, we’ve specialized in the clear verbal conveyance of written and spoken ideas for the legal and medical professions, as well as government, insurance, human resources, information technology, entertainment and travel industries.


Court interpreting

In the courtroom, at the police station, and even at the scene of the crime, our CIP-certified court interpreters remain impartial, transmit the needed messages with native fluency, and can be a huge asset to any challenging multilingual legal situation.

Conference interpreting

Planning a conference or meeting with international guests? We can bring the interpreters (consecutive, simultaneous, phone, or video remote), set up the equipment, and take care of all of the technical steps to ensure that your event is a hit with your global visitors.

Medical interpreting

Our CMI-certified medical interpreters work everywhere from hospitals, to doctors’ offices, to disaster sites, and from and into the main spoken languages needed in the US as well as most of the lesser-known languages and different variants of sign language.


If you’ve been searching awhile for the right language service provider, this may all sound familiar. Unlike some, however, MEDIALOCATE proves its value to you not just in our words … but in our work! Call us now at 1-800-776-0857.