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Medialocate and One World Futbol

Several members of Medialocate’s worldwide team flash the #1 sign for the One World Futbol (pictured)

Medialocate Donates “Simple Soccer Balls That Will Never Go Flat” Through the One World Futbol Project

Pacific Grove, Calif. – (April 25, 2013) – Medialocate USA, Inc., a leading translation and localization service provider headquartered on Central California’s Monterey Peninsula, recently donated a shipment of “indestructible” soccer balls through the One World Futbol Project (OWFP).

OWFP’s worldwide mission is to: “Use the idea of sports to resolve conflict, teach tolerance & equality, and help kids recover from trauma in impoverished areas, conflict zones, refugee camps and UN hotspots.”

According to OWFP, “The One World Futbol is the world’s first virtually-indestructible ball and solves a fundamental problem in the field of sports for peace and development by dramatically reducing the need for organizations to buy replacement balls repeatedly.”

Recording Artist Sting Talks About the Ball (Video)

Each year, Medialocate’s team of international language specialists decides which worthy causes it will support. In past years the list has included The Food Bank for Monterey County, LaVida Mission orphanage and school on a New Mexican Navajo reservation, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) from which many of it’s members are graduates.

“Soccer – or futbol as it is known in many parts of the world – has been the main childhood pastime for virtually all of us at Medialocate. Regardless of where we each originated, and our team comes from every corner of the globe, soccer has been an important part of our lives,” said Medialocate CEO, Stephan Lins.

“When we learned of the One World Futbol Project and the wonderful work it does for children throughout the world, donating a shipment of their specially designed ‘never go flat’ soccer balls was just a natural match,” Lins added.

Since July 2010, the One World Futbol has been introduced in more than 137 countries around the world through nearly 150 organizations working in sports for peace and development. Through organizations such as UNICEF, Semester at Sea, FUNDaFIELD and many others, One World Futbols are reaching communities across the globe.

To learn more about the “One World Futbol Project” and how you too can help, visit https://www.oneworldfutbol.com/

About Medialocate USA, Inc.

Medialocate, with 25 years of intelligent growth and continuity in the localization business, has an impeccable staff retention record and an enviable list of client case studies. To contact Medialocate about your organization’s translation, website and software localization, or audio and video production needs, call 1-800-776-0857.


Contact Information:

Stephan Lins, CEO
Medialocate USA, Inc.
1200 Piedmont Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 USA
Phone: 1-800-776-0857
Email: info@medialocate.com

One response to “Power of Play for Children Who Need it Most – One World Futbol – Medialocate”

  1. Jerry D. Chasteen says:

    Stephan, This is such an unselfish thing you did. GOD BLESS you & the family.
    Uncle “J”

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