How Languages See Colors Differently (VIDEO)


There is a clever young man in the U.K. (no, this isn’t the beginning of a limerick, though you will find it amusing)…

…named Tom Scott, a linguist himself, who enjoys making short videos and sharing them on YouTube.

A colleague here at Medialocate recently shared one of Tom’s videos with us and we thought we’d share it with you.

We, who provide quality translation and localization as a profession, can rightfully be accused of taking our business very seriously.

We use phrases like:

  • meeting international standards,
  • achieving multiple ISO certifications,
  • superior automation,
  • workflow technology, and
  • fast project completion.

And, there’s good reason why we take translation so seriously.

We’ve seen the results of translations that have gone terribly wrong.

However, there IS a lighter side of language that can be both instructive and entertaining.

Tom Scott’s video – “All The Colors, Including Grue: How Languages See Colors Differently” – is both.




If you enjoyed this video on language, you’ll likely enjoy many other Tom Scott videos here:


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