While those of us familiar with language translation use the word “Localization” indiscriminately many times a day, how does one actually explain what language or software localization means in layman’s terms?

After all, the language industry does not hold exclusive rights to the term “localization” and language nerds like myself should not automatically assume that localization means the same thing to everyone.

In fact…

  • a biologists may refer to it as “Subcellular Localization” (think cell components),
  • an engineer as “GSM Localization” (think wireless transceivers),
  • a mathematician as “Ring Localization” (abstract algebra), or
  • a physicist might think of “Anderson Localization” (think orbitals)

…none of which have anything remotely to do with Language or Software Localization.


An educational and funny explanation of software localization

The producers of the “Media Show” put together an educational and funny explanation of software localization in a YouTube video that I think you’ll enjoy watching.

Stephan Lins, CEO, Medialocate



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