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Rule #8 – Roll Out the “Content Marketing” Welcome Mat for Website Visitors

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I’m not talking about search engine optimization (SEO), though I do have thoughts and opinions about the importance of multilingual search and how to do it well. What I’m talking about is making sure your global readers can find the site they need, in the language they need, in as little time (and frustration) as possible.

Content Marketing is all about making sure your global readers can find what they need on your site

First, let’s talk about the need to access multilingual sites, in general.

If I am based in France and I want to go to a site that has a presence in France, I am going to be taken to the .fr site automatically. Same for Germany, where sites end with .de, and all of the other international sites that have unique domains.

So, to some extent, having a welcoming front door to your multilingual sites might not seem that important, because I am taken to my chosen country or language if I am already online in that country.

However, there are times when you need to have access to a site that is in another language, written for another country. For example…


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