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Medialocate Selects Kantan MT Machine Translation For Client Workflow Innovation

By March 7, 2014 July 21st, 2016 No Comments

KantanMT Machine Translation Medialocate

Medialocate USA, Inc., a full-service translation company that provides global language solutions to multilingual businesses, announced today that it has added KantanMT’s machine translation to further develop its technology offering.

The announcement was made by Stephan Lins, Medialocate’s chief executive officer, who explained why the company chose the Dublin, Ireland-based firm by saying: “KantanMT has distinguished itself as a first-rate technology company that embraces flexibility, simplicity, and an eagerness to react to our dynamic needs.”

Benefits to Medialocate of using KantanMT’s machine translation (MT) systems include:

  • Ensuring major efficiencies for each client’s project
  • Saving time on training data generation and collection
  • Dramatically reducing post-editing requirements
  • Increasing the quality of each project’s raw MT output
  • Mirroring the client’s terminology throughout the translation, and
  • Queuing translation jobs “in the cloud” which further reduces manual effort

According to Marcelo Rizzo, Medialocate’s Global Information Architect: “We ran MT tests into 12 languages and the results were extraordinary. KantanMT was easy to use, supports a wide variety of language pairs, as well as a number of stock engines, in a broad range of domains.”

“Their support is phenomenal. And with the addition of their API (application programming interface), integrating KantanMT into our translation management system was a breeze,” Mr. Rizzo explained.

KantanMT’s website features Medialocate among the company’s “Preferred Machine Translation Suppliers.”

Medialocate does advise that machine translation is by no means a quick-fix solution. It requires an in-depth review of linguistic assets, translation processes, quality expectations, and internal as well as external resource skill levels.

For this reason, Medialocate provides its Machine Translation Feasibility Assessment service to deliver the insights a client needs to make an informed decision.

About KantanMT

KantanMT ( is a cloud-based implementation of Moses Statistical Machine Translation technology. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, KantanMT effortlessly scales to generate a high-quality, low-cost Machine Translation platform for organizations and small-to-medium-sized localization service providers. According to the research firm, Markets and Markets, the natural language processing sector will grow from €2.8 billion in 2013 to €7.4 billion in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate of 21.1 percent.

About Medialocate USA, Inc.

Medialocate, with over 25 years of intelligent growth and continuity in the localization business, has an impeccable staff retention record and an enviable list of repeat client case studies. Virtually all of its project managers have earned MA degrees in Translation, Interpretation, or Localization Project Management from the prestigious Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). Medialocate deploys some of the industry’s most advanced language technologies and develops customized programs and tools specific to the need of every individual company’s needs. This gives Medialocate clients a distinct advantage as the company’s staff understands not only customer language needs, but their business needs as well. Clients say “this makes a world of difference!” To contact Medialocate about your organization’s translation needs, call 1-800-776-0857.


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